Marine Navigation Equipment Types and Uses Exposed

Due to technological development, it has become easy to operate marine equipment. The reason for their increasing demand is due to accuracy and reliability. The boater should possess some skills to operate the yacht well. Computer systems fail, and, therefore, the person in charge should provide the alternative solution during emergencies to prevent accidents. As far as we embrace modern technology, it cannot avoid some issues. These include shorting of courtesy lights caused by seawater or lightning strikes. Therefore, the yacht should provide alternative backup solutions using tools like the chart, magnetic compass, pencil because little affects their functionality.

Chart table

The table should offer enough surface to lay the map at one fold. It should provide for storage space and keep the map flat. It should be stored at positions with less motion with its seat facing forward. This streamlines the communication between the helmsman and easy access to the cockpit, given there is ample lighting. It is easy to keep an eye on the direction of the crew using a compass mounted on rubber line. Sometimes you can clip the chart on the board, and it is readily available during favorable conditions.

Parallel rulers

The navigator uses the parallel ruler to transfer bearing from the map. It is important in identifying the direction of the crew. They are available in different designs although they have the similar function. Roller types do not work well on a yacht while walking types are impractical with chart tables.


This is the platform for recording the position, distance, course or route, and other relevant information. It helps during emergencies, and it is a requirement by maritime law. There is no standard method of presenting this information though it should be readily interpretable. The recording of events should be orderly and brief. It is recommendable to record this information at least after half an hour.


Plotters function the same as parallel rulers although they depend on latitude and longitude grids. There is no need to use it together with a compass rose. Due to variation and deviation, the data is more accurate. It is simpler to use in comparison with parallel rulers.


The primary function of dividers is to measure the distances on the chart. There are three types namely
Single-handed type
Instruction manuals
Lights and radio signals

Mariner Binoculars

Mariners use binoculars to get a comprehensive view of the waters. They magnify the area, which increases the visibility. There are some marine binoculars, which are rubber armored and have a built in compass.
These are some basic marine equipment, which helps in navigating the waters. The proper use of these tools ensures safety and free navigation. It is good to practice the utilization of the equipment to build a real experience. Make sure that you understand how to use them correctly.